By clicking the gear icon on the top right-hand side and selecting Settings from the drop-down menu, ActiveComply Users can configure multiple system settings, including creating content key word triggers, changing Discovery terms, turning on the optional weekly summary email, etc.


From the Account Page, ActiveComply Users can add additional users to the system and disable existing users when needed. When adding additional users, ActiveComply Users will need to provide first name, last name, and an email address for the new addition. An automated email will be sent to the new user at this time. Users may also elect to add a PNG file of their company logo to appear on corrective action Tickets and in LicenseLink pages. From this tab, Users can also enable the Send weekly summary email toggle to receive an automated email with a summary of finds at the end of the week.


From the Discovery tab, ActiveComply users can add new Discovery Terms and disable existing ones, or elect to have the Discovery Terms case matched if it is a more generic trade name.


The Platform tab allows Users to disable any social media platforms they do not want to appear in Discovery or included for monitoring in the system. All social media platforms are enabled for ActiveComply accounts by default.


From the Tickets tab, ActiveComply Users can extensively modify their Ticket settings, including the frequency of reminder emails, the email subject line prefix, add a BCC email, etc.


From the Collections tab, ActiveComply Users can add new Collection Folders, edit the name of an existing folder, or delete any custom folder that is not a default folder for the system.


The LicenseLink tab allows ActiveComply Users to modify their LicenseLink settings, including choosing the appropriate equal housing logo, adding the company website, adding the company privacy policy link, etc. This is also where Users can Copy the universal Invitation Link and distribute it to licensed employees.


The Advanced tab will take ActiveComply Users to the accounts Content Policies Page. From this page, Users can use the + to add new watchlist words/trigger terms to the system. Users may also elect to disable existing terms using the toggle. Once a new term has been added, the system will begin looking for that term on all new content postings going forward. To have a search performed for the new term on previously posted content, Users may elect to use the Run Now button.

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