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The Discovery collection folder is where all of the social media profiles (Assets) that match a company's discovery terms are located. This is the very first step within the social media monitoring system. This Discovery folder is where a user can "Enable" monitoring for profiles so that trigger terms and profile check-ups can be found and added to the Profiles and Alerts collection folders. Once an item is enabled for monitoring, it is automatically cleared from the Discovery collection and elected rulesets then begin to apply to the Asset. Assets in the Discovery collection are not being monitored by the system until they are enabled.

Users should hit the red "Enable Monitoring" button to add the Asset to the account's monitoring list. By using the down arrow, users can instead select to add the Asset as Trusted. Other actions available include the "Move To" button to move the profile to a different Collection folder for further review or the "Clear" button to clear the item from the folder if a user does not want to monitor the profile content.

The goal is for users to take action on each item in Discovery until there are no open items in the collection. As the number in Discovery goes down, the number of Assets being monitored in the account will increase. This often also means the number of content Alerts and Profiles with issues needing review will also increase.

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