As social media issues are discovered through ActiveComply system monitoring, ActiveComply users can elect to assign a Ticket to the licensed employee requesting revisions or specific actions. Tickets allow users to email licensed employees about social media issues directly from the ActiveComply platform to track and document the corrective action process.

How to Create and Assign a Ticket

Tickets can be created for either post content or profiles by selecting the Tickets button on the top-right of any post card or profile card. Once selected, a popup window will appear to create a new ticket.

In the new popup window, ActiveComply users can modify and make additions to the Ticket before it is assigned. Users may need to add an email recipient if an email is not already listed. Users can also add in specific Requested Actions and Optional Descriptions for the employee on the Ticket. Users can then select the appropriate Violation Category for reporting purposes. After creating a Ticket, users can opt to send the Ticket immediately or to send at a later time in bulk batches.

Note: Profiles with Profile Checkup Alerts will have those items automatically added in as Requested Actions with corresponding regulations checked under the Violations Categories.

Send Later & Automatic Reminders

ActiveComply users can opt to create multiple Ticket's for one or more licensed employees and send these Tickets out at a later time in a bulk batch. To send a Ticket later, users can create a Ticket and use the drop down arrow on the Send Now button to select the Send Later Option. The Send Later feature will allow the system to group multiple Ticket's for one licensed employee in a singular email or allow the user to send out Ticket emails to multiple employees at one decided time, such as the end of the business day.

Users can visit the Tickets Page to send all pending Tickets. Users can select Send Later as the Status and select Send Now to send all postponed Tickets to multiple LOs at one.

Users may also visit a Contact Card to send multiple pending Tickets to one licensed employee in particular. Users can select the Ticket icon on the Contact Card to see all open Tickets.

After a Ticket has been created and sent to the licensed employee, reminder emails will be sent periodically to the employee to encourage them to complete the requested actions. Each Ticket's activity report will record when a reminder email has been sent as part of documenting the corrective action process. To change how often Ticket reminders go out, users may visit the Tickets settings page under the gear icon.

View All Tickets

After assigning Tickets, ActiveComply users can view a list of all Tickets assigned on the Tickets Page. To access the Tickets Page, users can use the gear icon and select Tickets. Users can also see Tickets by using the Ticket Alert icon at the top right of the access bar, but an automatic filter status filter of Needs Attention will appear. Read the next section to learn more on this.

Tickets That Need ActiveComply User Attention

The Ticket Alert icon at the top right of the access bar denotes the number of Tickets that are currently in the "Needs Attention" status - these are Tickets where ActiveComply user action is needed: (1) Pending Verification status (yellow), (2) Comment Added status (blue) or (3) Send Later status (purple). Users may respond by sending a Send Later Ticket, adding a response comment, or by marking a Ticket as closed.

Ticket Statuses

Tickets carry different statuses depending on the interactions between the ActiveComply user and the licensed employee:

Pending Correction: Tickets marked red for Pending Correction are Tickets that have been assigned by the user to the licensed employee where the licensed employee has not yet taken action. Based on the settings elected for Tickets, licensed employees will receive reminder emails for a specified duration when the Ticket is in Pending Correction Status. Tickets will move back into a Pending Correction status when an ActiveComply user marks the Ticket as Not Completed.

Comment Added: Tickets marked blue for Comment Added are Tickets where the licensed employee has reviewed the request and added a comment on the Ticket. Users should view comments on Tickets and reply to the licensed employee when necessary. Once a user has replied to a licensed employee comment, the Ticket is moved back into the red status of Pending Correction.

Pending Verification: Tickets marked yellow for Pending Verification are Tickets where the licensed employee has reviewed the item, completed the Requested Actions, and has marked the item as completed. Users should review the profile or content on the social media platform to confirm if the actions have truly been completed before marking the item as Ticket Completed.

Closed: Tickets marked grey for Closed are Tickets that have been reviewed and marked as Closed after Request Actions have been completed. Users can select the Status filter Closed to see all Tickets that have been completed.

Send Later: Tickets marked purple for Send Later are Tickets that have been created where the ActiveComply users has opted to send the Ticket email to the licensed employee at a later time.

How to See All Tickets for a Particular Employee

ActiveComply users can choose to review Tickets by individual licensed employees by visiting the employees Contact Card. From the Contact Card, users can see the total amount of open tasks on the Contact Card's dashboard (highlighted yellow) and can view the individual tasks for that employee by clicking on the Open Tasks toggle (highlighted red).


After selecting the Open Tasks toggle, users can see all open Tickets for that employee, the status of those Tickets, and the last update to the Ticket. Users can also select a Ticket's Title to visit the Ticket directly to make updates or changes.

employee tickets2

What the Licensed Employee Sees

After a Ticket has been created and sent, the licensed employee will receive an email indicating that a Ticket has been assigned to them by their Compliance or Marketing team member. The email identifies the ActiveComply user who assigned the ticket and encourages the licensed employee to visit the ActiveComply portal through the link provided to respond to any corrective action.

When the licensed employee selects "View or reply" a new window will open to display the assigned Ticket. The licensed employee will be able to review the post or profile in need of changes on the right-hand side of the window, as well as all the applicable Action items, Description, and violation categories. Licensed employees have two options:

Option 1 - Write a comment: If the licensed employee has questions or concerns about the request, they may add comments to the Ticket. This will result in a Blue status of Comment Added and an in-platform notification for the ActiveComply user that a Ticket Needs Attention.

Option 2 - Mark the ticket as completed: If the licensed employee makes the requested changes they can mark the Ticket as completed. This will result in a Yellow status of Pending Verification and an in-platform notification for the ActiveComply user that a Ticket Needs Attention.

What the LO sees

Licensed employees will receive automated email notifications when an ActiveComply user has responded to their comment or closed the Ticket.

Licensed employees may also visit the Tickets link at the top-left of the page to see all of their Ticket assignments and their current statuses.

all LO tickets

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