Visit the Assets Page to Assign Contacts

Under the gear icon on the top right, ActiveComply Users may visit the Assets Page to see an overview of all social media and web assets that have been added to the system. After Assets have been enabled through the Discovery collection folder or are added manually to ActiveComply, the system will automatically attempt to assign social media to employee Contact Cards based on the employees name or license number found on the profile. Not all Assets can be assigned automatically, Assets that are not assigned to a Contact Card have the grey-man icon while those that have been assigned have the green-man icon as seen below:

On the Assets Page, Users may select the Views filter tab at the top and select “No Contact Assigned” to see social media profiles that could not automatically be assigned to an employee's Contact Card. To assign social media to a specific licensed employee, Users should click on the name of the social media account and search for the applicable employee by name or license number.

Please note that social media will need to first be associated with licensed employees Contact Card for the social media to be (1) scanned for licensing specific to that loan officer and (2) for the social media to be included in Contact Page exports.

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