ActiveComply Bookmarks will allow users to add any URL to a Contact Card. Bookmarks will allow ActiveComply users to perform manual reviews of any currently unsupported social media platforms and websites. Users will be able to establish manual review timelines, send Tickets to employees regarding specific Bookmarks, and have a more comprehensive export from the Contacts Page for regulatory audits.

Note: Bookmark content is not monitored or archived. To ensure regulatory compliance, ActiveComply users should manually review Bookmarks and utilize ActiveComply's Last Reviewed date to ensure continual periodic review.

How to Add a Bookmark

To add a Bookmark, ActiveComply users may visit any Contact Card and use the plus (+) icon. A popup box will allow for entering of any website URL.

Bookmark Action Options

After a Bookmark has been added, ActiveComply users can begin issuing corrective action Tickets to the associated Contact. ActiveComply users may use the tuple ellipsis icon to perform actions on the Bookmark, including:

  • Removing the Bookmark from the Contact

  • Creating a Ticket for the Bookmark

  • Marking the Bookmark as being manually reviewed and in compliance

  • Clearing the last reviewed date from the Bookmark

Marking as Reviewed

After a Bookmark has been manually reviewed, ActiveComply users may use the "Mark as reviewed" action option to assign a Last Reviewed date to the Bookmark. This date will reflect on the Contact Card as well as on the Bookmarks Page. Users may also elect to use the "Mark as reviewed" action option again to override and display a new Last Reviewed date. The "Clear last reviewed date" action option may also be utilized when necessary.

Bookmark Tickets

ActiveComply users can use the "Create ticket for this bookmark" action option to send a Ticket to the associated Contact Card. Tickets for Bookmarks will function the same as Tickets for Assets. Account Ticket setting elections will apply.

Bookmarks Page

The Bookmarks Page is located under the gear icon and will provide a comprehensive overview of Bookmarks included in the account. From this page, users can: search for a specific URL, filter by a website domain, and manage Bookmark review timelines. Users may also utilize Bookmark action options from the Bookmarks Page, including the ability to Delete a Bookmark.

Bookmarks in Exports

ActiveComply users may elect to export all Bookmarks directly from the Bookmarks Page to receive a comprehensive excel CSV file. Bookmark URLs will also be included in Contact Card exports for regulatory audits.

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