Contact Cards in ActiveComply house a variety of information about a licensed employee, including their individual state licenses, personal NMLS ID, branch location, etc. Contact Cards also house all of an employees associated social media. Users can chose to audit a particular licensed employee and issue corrective action Tickets.

One field on a Contact Card is the licensed employee's email address. Adding an employee's work email address to a Contact Card allows ActiveComply users to email the employee about corrective action requests directly from the ActiveComply system.

Before you begin emailing corrective action:

Before corrective action can be issued through the Tickets system, ActiveComply users must ensure that all social media assets are tied to the applicable licensed employee's Contact Card. The ActiveComply system automatically associates the majority of social media Assets to Contact Cards if a licensed employees information is found on the social media profile. The system cannot automatically associate all social media profiles (examples including branch pages, team pages, LOs who use nicknames, etc.) and ActiveComply users will need to manually associate the remaining social media with the correct Contact Card.

To do this, users can visit the Assets page under the gear icon on the top right. Select the Views filtering tab at the top and select No Contact Assigned. These are the number of accounts still needing to be assigned to a Contact Card/licensed employee. To do this, users can click on the name of the social media account to assign it to their Contact Card. Not all social media will have a Contact Card/licensed employee to associate to, such as corporately controlled accounts where the institution, and not a licensed employee, will be applying the corrective action.

Please note that social media will need to first be associated with licensed employees before corrective action can be issued through the Tickets feature or a full social media export will be possible for state audits.

Adding & Editing the Email Address on an Individual Contact Card

ActiveComply can automatically pull in an employee's email address as listed on the employee's Facebook Business page, if available. ActiveComply users can also manually enter or edit email addresses on individual Contact Cards.

add email

edit email-1

Bulk Email Import

ActiveComply users can also upload multiple email addresses at once for Contact Cards using the Import feature on the Contacts Page. Users can select the Import button to upload a file that contains employee email addresses to have them appended to existing Contact Cards.

Email import

Finding Contacts with No Email Address

To see if any Contacts are missing an email address, simply select the Missing Email Address filter and see the result total at the bottom of the page. These remaining emails may be included in another bulk import and can be added individually on Contact Cards. Either the Bulk Import CSV function or adding emails individually could be utilized for new hires, depending on the frequency and amount of new licensed employees.

File Format for Import

To use the Import feature, ActiveComply Users will need to create an Excel CSV file. The spreadsheet will need to include the licensed employees NMLS ID and their associated email in column 1 and 2, respectively. The spreadsheet will not need any column headers for the upload. See the below example:

CSV spreadsheet-1

CSV File Type

To convert a normal Excel spreadsheet (file type .xlsx) to an Excel CSV (file type .csv) users must select File at the top-left of the spreadsheet, select Save As for the desired file, and change Save as Type to CSV UTF-8 (Comma delimited) (*.csv).


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