The Branches Page will allow users to see aggregate data on individual branches and perform social media audits one branch at a time. Contact Cards that are affiliated with a branch in NMLS Consumer Access will be tied to a Branch Card in ActiveComply. All social media profiles that are associated with those individual Contact Cards will also be affiliated with the respective Branch Card, displaying aggregate data for the branch, such as: the number of affiliated profiles, the amount of social media reviews, and the reputation score.

Branches Page

Geo-Map Locator

The Branches Page displays a geo-map of the institution's branch locations. Users can zoom in on the map, either by using the +/- toggle on the bottom right-hand side of the map or by ctrl key + mouse scroll. Users can also choose to toggle the map at the top-right corner between the number of branch locations or the number of Contacts tied to each branch.

Chart Sorting

The Branches Page displays a chart list of the institutions branches. Users can choose to sort by one of the filters at the top of the chart, including: profile issues, post content to review, location, reviews, etc. The chart division of the Branches Page will allow users to prioritize branches with the most issues to resolve or the largest social media presence.

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