ActiveComply Users can elect to send corrective action to employees by using the Tickets functionality. When a corrective action Ticket is sent from the system, an automated email like the example below is sent to the employee from [email protected]. This is the default for ActiveComply’s Ticket delivery.

However, ActiveComply Users who have concerns about deliverability of these default setting Tickets may request to have Tickets instead come from the company’s email domain. To make this request, Users should email [email protected] with the below information:

  • The new desired “From” email (example: "[email protected])

  • The new desired “From” name (example: “ABC Compliance”)

  • Email contact information for the company’s IT employee who manages the company’s Domain Name System (DNS)

For a streamlined process, Users should include their appropriate IT contact in the initial request email. During the setup process, the IT personnel member will receive an email from ActiveComply’s email provider, SendGrid, that will walk them through the process of adding DNS records.

Additionally, ActiveComply recommends that the address you use has an autoresponder that indicates the mailbox is "not monitored". This means that any employees that reply to a corrective action Ticket email will receive an automated email from your mail server indicating that their email has not been received. Please note: if the company decides to allow replies to go directly to the Compliance or Marketing team members, then those messages will not be included on the Ticket activity in ActiveComply.

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