As licensed employees inevitably depart the institution, users will want to discontinue monitoring of these licensed employees social media assets. To review all social media assets tied to a licensed employee, users may visit the employees Contact Card to review all social media tied to that employee.

To do so, users can follow the below steps:

Step 1:

Ensure that company branding has been removed from the profile. This would include the cover photo, email address, privacy policy link, etc. If company branding still exists, the institution should reach out to the former employee to request these items be removed from the profile. Users may elect to continue monitoring these social media accounts until all branding is removed and can isolate these accounts in a custom Collection Folder like "Former Employee" or "Defunct Account" using the Copy To feature.

Step 2:

Once all instances of company branding have been removed from the social media profile, users can click the ellipses icon and select "Clear all triggers and collections" to remove the account from all Collection Folders and automatically clear any open alerts.

Step 3:

Next, users should close out all open tickets for the terminated employee. Users may visit the licensed employee's Tickets page and select the Title of the Ticket to utilize the green Close Ticket button.

tickets 2

Step 4:

Users can then change the monitoring status to Not Monitoring using the eyeball icon to ensure no future content is captured for the account.

As information is periodically updated from NMLS Consumer Access, terminated employees will change status from Currently Licensed to Expired Licenses. Employees may be sorted on the Contacts Page by license status.

contacts expired licenses

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