ActiveComply now has a free update to the new Profiles Tab. The Profiles tab will now house all profile issues and will display individual issues for each profile on the Profile Checkup. This update allows users to diagnose and rectify all profile issues separately from post content issues.

Please reach out ActiveComply to request this update for your account.

Previous System Version: Reviews Tab with NMLS Missing & Equal Housing Missing Collection Folders

The Previous System Version includes a Reviews tab where all social media reviews are housed collectively. Profile issues, like Equal Housing Missing, NMLS Missing, and any custom profile triggers would be housed in separate Collection Folders under the More tab.


Updated System Version: Profiles Tab with Good Reviews & Complaints Collection Folders

The Updated System Version consists of a Profiles tab where all Profile Checkup issues, including NMLS Missing, Equal Housing Missing, etc. are house collectively. Reviews have been divided into a Good Reviews (reviews 4 & 5 stars) and Complaints (3 stars and under) Collection Folders. With this update, ActiveComply users can easily prioritize items that regulators actively look for, including consumer complaints and missing licensing information.

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