ActiveComply offers the Tickets feature to help ActiveComply users issue corrective action for licensed employee social media. Through Tickets, ActiveComply users can diagnose compliance issues on social media within the ActiveComply portal and issue corrective action requests through an automated email to the licensed employee.

As a default, these Ticket emails come from [email protected]. However, customers who want emails to come from their company domain may request the default be changed. To begin this process, customers will need to provide the following:

  • Contact information for the company’s IT person who controls the company’s DNS records

  • The email the company wants the Ticket emails to come from (example: “[email protected]”)

  • The name the company wants the email to come from (example: “ABC Marketing Compliance”

ActiveComply utilizes SendGrid as an email provider. The customer's IT department will need to add some DNS records to grant ActiveComply's email provider the ability to send emails on a customers behalf. Though ActiveComply is not able to use API keys to send emails directly through a customers account, the current process will work just as efficiently for email deliverability.

ActiveComply's default inbox, [email protected], is a "no reply" auto responder inbox. Employees who receive automated Ticket emails are encouraged to respond to through their own ActiveComply portal by utilizing the link in the Ticket email. Customers may make their own elections to determine if the newly established mailbox will be monitored by members of their organization or if they would rather setup a "no reply" auto responder.

To formally request this default change, please provide the requested information to [email protected].

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