All ActiveComply folders and pipelines have the ability to filter by date range on the left-hand operations panel. The Date Filter operates similarly to booking a flight or a hotel stay, where one date is selected as the start date and dates afterwards begin to be highlighted in blue.

Standard Dates

To filter content to isolate a specific timeframe for review, users can select one of the timeframe units on the left-hand side of the Date Filter tool, such as Last 90 Days for the quarter or Last 365 Days for the year.

Custom Dates

To select a custom date range, users can select the start date of the range on the left-side calendar block of the tool and see that additional days begin to be highlighted. To select the end date of the range, users should use the right-side calendar to change the year and month. Once selected, the date range of the filter will be displayed at the bottom of the Date Filter tool. Select Apply to apply the date filter to the specific folder or pipeline.

Clear All Old Content

Users can chose to isolate content older than a specific time frame to use the Clear All function. To do so, users can select the start date of the range as 1/1/2000 and the desired end date to isolate the old content. After selecting Apply, users can select Clear All at the top of the folder.

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