Instagram announced that third-party apps like ActiveComply and all other social media monitoring services no longer have access to the Legacy API that allowed for the monitoring of LO personal Instagram accounts. This API update ties directly to Instagram’s addition of the Professional Account option for existing and new Instagram accounts.

For third party applications like ActiveComply to monitor and archive Instagram accounts, all existing LO and company affiliated accounts must be converted to an Instagram Professional Account. ActiveComply has made the necessary software updates to ensure that all Instagram Professional Accounts are captured for archival and monitored for Alert Triggers.

Next Steps for Clients:

Instruct all employees using the Instagram platform to promote themselves and loan products to convert the existing Instagram profile to the Professional Account option. ActiveComply has created a step-by-step guide for lenders to easily distribute to their sales teams: Instagram for Business Document.


If there are any users who do not complete the Instagram Professional Account conversion by following the outlined steps, then ActiveComply will be unable to capture content associated with those accounts. If you have any additional questions, or need assistance with making these changes, please contact ActiveComply Support or call (407) 801-6858.

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