The Alerts tab can act as a pipeline where you and your team can process all incoming post content that has been triggered. You can see when each post was made, and by which accounts.

Tip: To see the entire post and any comments associated, simply click the platform icon on the top right of the post card.

Sorting: The Alerts are automatically sorted with the newest Alerts shown first, but they can also be sorted to show the oldest alerts first.

Services: Use the services box to isolate Alerts from one platform at a time.

Keyword Triggers: Each Alert will identify the Trigger Terms that have put the post into the Alerts tab pipeline. The Matched Keywords portion on the left-hand side shows which terms were triggered from all the alerts combined. Select a specific Matched Keyword to isolate Alerts tied to one Trigger Term at a time.

Notifications: The Notifications toggle at the top left allows each individual user to enable automated emails when a new Alert comes in.

Internal Notes: Collaborate with your team on specific Alerts with the option of entering internal comments.

Move To: the Move To control allows you to move Alerts to a Collections Folder. This feature can be utilized to move items into a managers folder for their review, or to house specific policy violations.

Clearing Items: Clearing items removes them from your Alerts tab pipeline. This should be performed when the compliance assessor determines that the post has no violations and the trigger terms are innocent in nature. When an item is cleared or moved to a Collection, a small popup on the bottom left-hand side will occur in case a mistake was made and you need to Undo the action. Cleared items are not deleted, just removed from the Alert tab pipeline view.

Tip: To see cleared items, select the Show Closed Items toggle at the top left-hand corner of the page.

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