First, see our article on Dealing with Defunct Employee Social Media Accounts to see if accounts can be resolved without contacting the social media platform. Follow the below steps if no other options are viable. Keep in mind that social media platform request response times may vary and resolutions are at their sole discretion.

  1. Identify the URL of the Yelp listing you want updated or removed.

  2. Go to the Copyrights/Trademark Infringement Form and fill in the required fields.

  3. Send the form after completing the necessary fields.

  4. After submitting this report, Yelp will have a reviewer take a look at the page. This reviewer may contact you for additional information, such as your company website domain, proof of trademark ownership, etc. The platform will notify you via email if action is taken against the listing or they will provide the reason they cannot process your request.

NOTE: having profiles updated or removed on review sites, like Zillow and Yelp, can be more difficult and time consuming in comparison to other social media platforms due to those platform's goal of preserving review integrity.
Make sure to record the corrective action you have taken for this profile as well as any platform responses in the ActiveComply notes section.

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