Perhaps nothing can grab a potential client’s attention as effectively as a well-made video. But what if you’re the type of creator who has tons of ideas swimming in your head but you don’t yet have the know-how to make your ideas come to fruition? Meet Vimeo, a video hosting and sharing service that comes with a twist perfect for video editing beginners. Unlike YouTube, which is a simpler (albeit massively popular) video sharing site, Vimeo is a user subscription service that not only hosts its users’ videos, but also provides collaborative tools for its users to edit their videos with cutting-edge technology, discuss editing tips with other users, and share their completed work with prospective customers, all within the Vimeo platform.

How to create your Vimeo account

Joining Vimeo is easy. A basic Vimeo account is free but, as one might expect, its features are somewhat limited. Vimeo Basic allows for 500 megabytes of weekly upload space and up to 5 gigabytes of total space. It also allows for basic editing features, limited controls, and only ‘short form’ (up to 30 seconds) length videos. If this is all you need, then signing up is quick and simple. The system merely needs your first and last name and a password of your choice. It will then ask if you wish to sign up using an email address or if you would prefer to link your existing Google account to your Vimeo profile.

Vimeo boasts five different levels of subscription, depending on your needs - Basic, Plus, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise (1). The first four levels offer higher and higher upload space maximums, video length, and broader access to Vimeo’s editing tools. The final subscription level - Enterprise - gives the user access to dedicated support, Vimeo webinars, and full access to Vimeo’s suite of editing software. No matter your needs, Vimeo has an option that works for anyone.

How to regain access to your account

Like most, if not all, of social media platforms, Vimeo has a few options for users if they get locked out of their account for one reason or another. If you forget your password and are unable to log in, just follow this link to reset your password (2). You will need the email address that you signed up with, as Vimeo will send a password reset link to that email address. If you no longer have access to this email account, Vimeo will ask that you fill out a short form (3) to assist Vimeo in regaining access.

Vimeo can disable or remove your account if you post copyrighted material on your account. To restore your account, Vimeo requires you to remove the copyrighted videos. Posting videos not owned by you and refusing to remove them is grounds for Vimeo to delete your account as a “repeat infringer” (4).

How to edit your account

Vimeo members can customize their account in many different ways, whether adding a profile picture, a short biography, add links to your other sites, and even a cover video that you can play in a loop on your profile page. Adding and editing this information is very simple. Users can merely click on their profile icon and then the section of their profile that they wish to edit. Any user can add a profile photo, bio, their name and location, and contact information (email address) by clicking the appropriate section and uploading the photo / typing in the necessary information.. Members who are Plus level or above can further flesh out their profile with additional features. These members can add links to their other social media profiles or websites, their ‘for hire’ status and rate, and even a list of their previous clients and previous/current collaborators (5).

How to delete your account

If you’ve decided that Vimeo is not the video hosting service for you, simply log in to your account, hover over your profile picture, and click ‘Settings’. Then click ‘Privacy’ and then ‘Delete My Account’ and follow the instructions. Deleting your account will permanently remove all of your videos, comments, and ‘likes’ (6). Also, your account will also no longer be viewable by the public, as one would assume. Vimeo has stated that a deleted account can sometimes be retrievable on a case-by-case basis, but retrieval cannot be guaranteed. So if you think that the possibility exists that you may want to access your content at a later date, deletion may not be your best option.

In that vein, downgrading your account may be an adequate fix if you feel that your specific needs are simpler than your current tier’s benefits (and price). If you wish to downgrade from a high subscription level to a lower level, you can contact Vimeo Support via this form (7). ‘Point and click’ downgrading is not available on Vimeo, so a support employee is needed to manually adjust your subscription level from their end.

If you’ve ever had an itch to put some of your marketing ideas to video, but didn’t really know where (or how) to start, Vimeo may be the perfect tool for you. With a variety of subscription tiers, editing tools, and onboard support to show you the ropes, Vimeo is a one-stop shop for you to craft the perfect video. All that’s left to bring clients in the door is your imagination and inspiration!

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